Amanda Ladd

Freelance Work

53 Luna Station screen shot I love to do freelance work "on the side." I specialize in web design and development, placing most of my focus on helping small businesses make a name for themselves on the web. Most of the work I do for my clients involves both front end and back end design, everything from designing the interface to hooking it up to a database. Interactive websites are my specialty! Feel free to check out my freelance portfolio at 53 Luna Station

Student Organizations

I am actively involved in several organizations at Georgia Tech:

Soft Skills

My soft skills include process improvement, the ability to explain ideas and suggestions effectively, great written and oral communication skills, and an insatiable hunger for organization.

Professional Goals

My short-term professional goal is to become a full-time software developer. I love coding, and I hope I'll be diong it for a long time to come, but my long-term goal is to become a project manager.

Personal Goals

My personal goals include expanding my indie craft business and learning as much as I can about arts and crafts and its multi-billion dollar industry. I would also like to pick up my violin again and eventually play for the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra.


My hobbies include running long distances, painting, reading, writing, and karaoke.